Afraid you’re going to run out of money in retirement?
Looking to preserve your hard-earned retirement savings?
Confused by all your IRA and retirement rollover choices?

Welcome to Your Safe Money Retirement Guide

Your Safe Money Guide is a retirement resource designed to help you discover ways to protect your assets, increase your retirement income, reduce your taxes, and eliminate confusion.

If you are like many of the individuals I talk with who are approaching retirement or are already retired, you may feel very uncertain about your financial future.  Even after doing everything right, you saw your retirement nest egg crack under the pressure of a financial system that didn’t meet your expectations.

Now what? What do you do when you have become disillusioned with conventional wisdom and are fearful of making the wrong retirement decisions? It’s time for straight answers to tough questions.

Hi, I’m Karen Geiger, a retirement specialist and
financial educator. Not only do I understand your pain, I can help.

Your Safe Money Guide was created as a financial resource to help educate you about your retirement options – the same retirement income options that have already helped many Ohio residents just like you reduce their risk and increase their income.

The clients I work with have learned safe money retirement options actually do exist. Options that just might help you sleep at night. How would it feel to experience financial peace of mind?

Let me share the solutions I use for my clients. They  just may help you too.

Have questions now?  Contact me by phone, email, or mail. I look forward to talking with you soon.

Karen Geiger, Your Safe Money Guide

PS  Whether you are already retired or retirement is just around the corner, I understand you may feel betrayed, abandoned, and cynical about a system that let you down.  Now there’s hope. Let me show you how you can reduce your risk and increase your income.

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